About Me

Austin Beauty Blogger, Co-Founder of Beautypendence blog - Jenn

Austin was lacking a beauty blog, so in September 2011, I launched Beautypendence with my dear friend, Wendy. Although Wendy no longer writes for the blog, it was absolutely a team effort to create this forum celebrating diversity and creativity in women through beauty routines… and not-so-routines. Wendy also gets credit for coming up with the blog’s name!

Beautypendence offers impartial information on products and local beauty service providers. And from time to time, you’ll also find the occasional unsolicited opinion on anything and everything (beauty or otherwise). For variety’s sake, I will do my best to bring in guest posts from friends and colleagues.

As I review products and services on Beautypendence, you can rest assured that I am sharing my honest opinions, whether I purchased them myself or they were given to me gratis by a vendor. Also, I will never simply regurgitate what you can find on a product website. Every product or service I review, I have used or tried myself. However, I have decided to not post negative reviews on this blog. There are plenty of other sites to find that type of information.

Lastly, let me disclose that I have dry, sensitive, rosacea-afflicted skin, so please keep that in mind when you read my coverage about skincare. You’ll want to be sure that you always select beauty products that are suitable for your skin type. For more about me, read my full beauty bio or check out my Beauty Bill of Rights.

Thanks for joining me in the Beautypendence revolution!

Photo: Korey Howell Photography


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